Many millions of Americans struggle to get the required eight hours sleep a night. This can have an impact on their day-to-day life and can leave them with significant health issues over the long-term. For those struggling to get a full night’s sleep, it’s important to work with experts to understand the issue. And in this post, our trusted Napa County mattress specialists highlight their five tips for getting a full night’s sleep.

1. Invest in a Mattress that Supports Your Body

Many Napa County residents are still using the same old mattress they used a decade ago. They may find the mattress offer diminishing comfort over time and doesn’t support their body in the way it once did. It’s the ideal time to invest in a quality mattress that assures full support.

2. Set a Consistent Sleep Schedule

The body is designed to work on a schedule. When we build a consistent routine for ourselves in the evening, we can improve the amount of sleep we get each night.

3. Remove Electronic Devices from the Bedroom

Televisions and cell phones can cause the mind to wander. Many people lose hours of sleep per night because the temptation to turn on their cell phone or television is too strong to ignore. Simply turn off electronic devices to allow the brain time to slow down and get into sleep mode.

4. Take Earlier Naps

Another leading reason many Americans don’t get the full eight hours of sleep a night is because they take naps during the late afternoon. This will cause a person to be awake for longer and can lead to symptoms of insomnia during the nighttime. Take earlier naps to avoid this sleep issue.

5. Avoid Alcohol before Bed

Alcohol is another leading cause of insomnia across the country. Drinking alcohol a short time before bed can keep a person awake for several hours beyond their usual bedtime. It’s important not to drink any alcohol in the two hours before going to bed to minimize sleep disturbances.

Our trusted team here at Mattress Barn USA in Napa County is now offering advice to those struggling to get their required sleep! To learn more, speak with our trusted experts directly at 707-399-7399.