Napa County mattress suppliers, Mattress Barn are now highlighting the latest research on mattress selection from the Better Sleep Council. The research from the Better Sleep Council provides a guide on the optimal style of mattress for each user. The Better Sleep Council highlights the value of memory foam mattresses for many users, as the product can conform to the person’s body to assure a greater level of comfort during sleep.

By understanding the advantages to each style of mattress on the marketplace, consumers can make more effective choices to help improve their sleeping habits. Leading sleep research organization, the Better Sleep Council has recently begun investigating the range of mattresses on the marketplace, and their research is now showcasing the broad array of benefits each style of mattress offers the user. As the leading local Napa County mattress sales experts, Mattress Barn is now providing their insight on the Better Sleep Council Research.

The Better Sleep Council highlights in their research that gel mattresses may be suitable for some users who find their mattress too warm during the evening. Gel mattresses have heat dissipation features according to the latest research. The Better Sleep Council also outlines the benefits of pillow top mattresses within their study, which include the use of high-density polyurethane foam for greater contouring closer to the body.

This information can now be harnessed by consumers to gain an understanding on the available options throughout the local Napa County marketplace. To learn more, contact the team at Mattress Barn directly at 707-399-7399 or visit their business website at