Napa County mattress market leaders, Mattress Barn have recently begun a campaign to educate local area clients on the latest sleeping tips from the Better Sleep Council. The Better Sleep Council offers guidance on how to achieve that ideal night’s sleep. Their latest guidance includes tips on developing a set sleeping routine and on choosing the optimal mattress for exceptional nighttime comfort.

Mattress comfort plays a critical role in helping to achieve a great night’s sleep. Without the ideal level of firmness, a mattress can lose its comfort, making it very difficult for the user to sleep throughout the nighttime. And so it’s important for mattress shoppers to understand how to select a mattress that is ideal for their sleep needs. The team at Napa County Mattress Barn is now highlighting the latest guidance on the subject from then Better Sleep Council.

The Better Sleep Council advises mattress shoppers to search for products that feature a high number of springs, as the number of springs a mattress has relates directly to the level of support it provides. Shoppers are also advised to consider memory foam mattresses for greater nighttime comfort, as these products can conform to the person’s body shape, helping to ensure higher quality sleep. The Better Sleep Council experts also advise people to keep stressful elements such as work out of the bedroom, and to exercise earlier in the day to improve the quality of sleep they achieve.

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