MLILY – Harmony + Gel

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  • 2.0-inch gelCore™ gel-infused memory foam for cooler sleep
  • 2.0-inch highly supportive UltraCore™ premium rebound memory foam
  • 6.0-inch higher resiliency base foam for consistent support and longevity


Harmony +gel – Orchestrate Better Sleep

Pairing our unique UltraCore™ rebound foam with the cool comfort of gel-infused memory foam, The Harmony+Gel by MLILY will help you to orchestrate the most satisfying sleep of your life.
  • Memory Foam
  • Plant Based Oil
  • Semi-Open Cell Structure
  • Renewable Resources
  • Cool Comfort Gel Foam
  • Memory Saving
  • Aloe Vera
  • Compressed Sleep Product
  • Removable Cover